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We provide superior execution in service throughout manufacturing, delivery and customer care, by strengthening the endeavours in daily tasks, being proactive, flexible and paying particular attention to every detail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Terms of Sale

1. Normally minimum order is $ 500.
2. Under FOB terms customer will pay all freight. Customer owns goods in transit and must fill all claims for loss, damage of freight overcharges with the freight carrier. 
3. Claims for shortages, damaged or defective merchandise must be reported in writing within 7 days of receipt of goods. Carton shortages must be indicated on carrier's delivery receipt bill of lading.
4. No returns will be accepted without prior authorization and a return authorization number. Cancelled orders after production may be subject to down payment deduction.  

Payment procedure

1. Prepayment for samples or small orders: Paypal, Western Union, or T/T. All merchandise is subject to stock availability.
2. For direct import orders:
a. 30% advance deposit required
b. 70% balance required upon goods finish

Credit Terms

All terms are subject to approval of Huntop and the company’s Credit Insurance Company. New customers are submitted to Credit Insurance Company for approval. Bank accounts, most current financial statements and trade references are checked.


Customers reserve the right to choose their own Freight Company. We usually ship orders through the most affordable and dependable way with customer’s approval. We try to find the best rates for our clients with several Freight Companies to assure quality and affordable service. Some of the samples orders are freight collect. We schedule the pick-up and delivery of goods and the Freight Company will bill our customer for the shipping charges. 
Customers' delay in clearing customs, in case lead to demurrage, detention, or any other penalty or extra charges, customers will have to bear these loss.
Termination of Order in case:
Customers fail to request shipment in 2 months after completion of order;
Customers fail to pick cargo in 15 days after arriving at ports, the goods will be arranged to ship back.

Product Guarantee 

Huntop guarantees all factory defective products at all times. These defects include at the time of opening of the box: not working at all; missing, broken or bent parts. After sale & use and still found defective, guarantee will be for one year after the shipment departs from the factory. Guarantee does not cover normal wear of parts, damage resulting from any of the following: negligent use or misuse of the product, use contrary to operating instructions, or disassembly, repair, or alteration by any person other than our factory service center. 

Defective Products for Full Container Orders: If you need to get replacement for defective merchandise, please send email to sales contactor or with necessary photos, video, third party test report, etc, as proof. As it is customary in direct import full container orders, the Customer will be responsible for the first 3% defectives quantity and Huntop will replace anything that is above the 3% defectives by free goods on the next shipment.


ISO9001 Certified China Manufacturer & Exporter, Professional Supplier.
Xinlian Industrial Zone, Haishu, Ningbo, China
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