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Huntop Partner Programs


Together, Huntop and our worldwide Partner Network offer the most comprehensive gardening and watering solutions in the market. OEM importers and distributors are our main customer base.

Besides, we continually provide partner opportunities through Commission Agents. Contact email adress: info@htcn.com

Key Requirements

There are requirements of a Huntop Commission Agent:

    Horticulture / agriculture and business experience

    Customer service focus and a positive outlook

    Affordable working capital for day-to-day expenses

    Willingness to meet our standards

Benefits for Commission Agents

Huntop provides the following benefits for those who become commission agents:

    A proven retail business format for success

    Complete marketing plan setup and layout

    Necessary business marketing programs

    Continuous support and training

If you meet this criteria, it may be your opportunity to join HUNTOP as a Commission Agent for long term partnership.

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