Automatic Poultry Dome Drinker HF1054 China factory
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Automatic Poultry Dome Drinker HF1054

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Model: HF1054
Automatic Hanging Dome poultry drinker, plastic bell poultry waterer

China factory supplier manufacturer

Automatic Hanging Dome poultry drinker, plastic bell poultry waterer China factory manufacturer supplier
Automatic Poultry Dome Drinker HF1054 Automatic Poultry Dome Drinker HF1054 China factory supplier manufacturerClose

Automatic Dome Drinker Poultry Waterer

Item No.: HF1054
Desc.: Automatic poultry dome drinker / Automatic hanging bell poultry waterer

Easy to use automatic dome poultry drinker(also refered to as poultry bell drinker, poultry bell waterer). Produced for breeders, layers, broilers farms.
The Dome drinker bell waterer can be used from day old to maturity. The poultry drinkers ensures continuous and distributes supply of water. Its independent valve mechanism ensures steady flow of water.
The height of the poultry drinker can be adjusted with the rope chord.
The ballast filled with water provides stability to the drinker.
The poultry bell drinker has extra features including strong locking flange valve system and water guide channels.
Comes with special hanging cord, gate valve for overhead line connection, ballast tank, spring loaded valve system.
The poultry dome drinkers can be used as hanging or free standing and from very first day it can be used for chicks, so there is no need to use chick drinker. The drinker is made from high grade plastic and therefore stands high in quality as well as design.
Each drinker houses inside the bell a sediment bottle which aids in stabilizing the drinker and minimizing the swinging and eliminates any water spillage.
Water is delivered to the drinker through a PVC flexiblepipe connected to an easy installed saddle with integrated shut off valve.
The automatic dome drinker waterer will assure a hygienic homogenous and continuous water delivery to the birds, with a minimum.
Durable and low maintenance.
Requires less storage space.
Capacity of birds/Drinker:50 - 75
Bowl Dia Bottom Plate Dia: 330 mm
Lip Space: 40 mm & 55 mm

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