Garden Camping Outdoor Shower HT1397 China factory
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Garden Camping Outdoor Shower HT1397

China factory manufacturer supplier

Model: HT1397
Garden Camping Outdoor Shower HT1397

China factory supplier manufacturer

Garden Camping Outdoor Shower HT1397 China factory manufacturer supplier
Garden Camping Outdoor Shower HT1397 Garden Camping Outdoor Shower HT1397 China factory supplier manufacturerClose

Garden Camping Outdoor Shower

Item No.: HT1397

Desp.: Garden Camping Outdoor Shower,Outdoor Shower Garden Pool Sauna Camping Shower

Enjoy a refreshing shower before and after you enjoy your swimming pool.

Simply mount the shower anywhere within reach of a garden hose. Then, hook it up, fill it up, and let the sun go to work. No expensive installation or plumbing required.

Easy to assemble - simply connect to a standard garden hose.

For convenient outdoor showing, the Poolside Tri-pod Shower features spray shower and control valve for water regulation.

The Aluminum body is adjustable to height with a tri-pod base for stability.

The luxury telescopic type offering adjustable length for extra care with flow control valve from off to max for adjusting the water flow.


1. Metal tripod telescopic garden shower

2. Garden shower with telescopic tripod height adjustable  from 145cm -230cm

3. Easy to adjust height to necessary range

4. Material ,aluminum +ABS

4. Corrosion Resistant Lightweight

5. High Quality Fittings ( No leaks )

6. Flow Control Valve

7. Portable and easy to set up Aluminium, adjustable telescopic tripod stand with ground spike

8. Easy to assemble and to use

9. Reliable quality

10. Easily fit with current connectors with international standard

11. Tripod base stands on any flat surface

12. After your farm work,you can have bath in your garden

      Garden shower W/tripod base for your bath in your room or in the garden

13. Enables you to enjoy the sun and simultaneously take a shower in the garden



Caravan Parks

Back Yard Gardens

High Reach Gardening

Beach Showers

Outdoor Showers

Perfect for the poolside

Anywhere / Anytime Shower

Easy to use - Simply click into any standard garden hose connector and away you go!


China Huntop is leading China factory manufacturer supplier of Garden Camping Outdoor Shower HT1397. Also manufacture supply wide range of garden tools watering irrigation products. Welcome to inquiry and order Garden Camping Outdoor Shower HT1397.

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