2L Manual Oil Extractor Pump HT5421A China factory
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2L Manual Oil Extractor Pump HT5421A

China factory manufacturer supplier

Model: HT5421A
2L Manual Oil Extractor Pump

China factory supplier manufacturer

2L Manual Oil Extractor Pump China factory manufacturer supplier
2L Manual Oil Extractor Pump HT5421A 2L Manual Oil Extractor Pump HT5421A China factory supplier manufacturerClose

2L Manual Oil Extractor Pump

Item No.: HT5421A

Desp.: Engine Oil Extractor Pump, Oil and Fluid Extraction Pump

HT5421A: 2L

HT5421B: 4L or 6L


1/ Up to 2 L Capacity

2/ Anti-spill Cap & Funnel

3/ Allows removal of engine oil with a clean, hassle free pump

4/ Long Reach Hose Allows fluid to be extracted through filler or dipstick tubes

5/ Totally portable with pump included

6/ Suitable for extraction of oil, water & Fuel from cars, motorcycles, commerical vehicles, Marine Engines, Stationary Engines, & Other Machinery

7/ Contents: Collection Tank/ Siphon Pump/ Suction Hose, Cap (Small)/ Suction Hose, Cap (Large)/ Shut-Off Slip

Manual Oil Extractor Pump
2L Plastic Tank, 2 Suction Tube
Suction Tube A:
Inner Dia: 5mm; Outer Dia:8mm; Length:1M
Suction Tube B:
Inner Dia: 8mm; Outer Dia:10mm; Length:1.4M
No Load Speed: 2700RPM
Rotating Blade Dia: 190mm
Suction Tube A for oil and Suction Tube B for gas
All you need to do is pump the unit 15 to 30 times (depends on the tank capacity) in a row to create powerful vacuum.  Then watch the old oil get sucked out of the engine and into the container. Our quick, easy and clean process eliminates the need to remove drain plugs or tilt equipment. 

Packing: colour box

Pcs/ctn: 12

Ctn Size: 64.5*35*36cm

N.W/G.W: 8.1/9.3kg

2L Manual Oil Extractor Pump

Engine Oil Extractor Pump

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