Poultry Chicken Nipple Drinker HF1022 China factory
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Poultry Chicken Nipple Drinker HF1022

China factory manufacturer supplier

Model: HF1022
Poultry fowl chicken nipple drinker

China factory supplier manufacturer

Poultry fowl chicken nipple drinker China factory manufacturer supplier
Poultry Chicken Nipple Drinker HF1022 Poultry Chicken Nipple Drinker HF1022 China factory supplier manufacturerClose

Poultry Chicken Fowl Nipple Drinker

Item No.: HF1022
Desc.: Poultry breeder layer broiler nipple drinker

Quality nipple drinker is suitable for broiler, layer, breeder, pullet, chicken, etc
The Nipple Drinkers can be triggered from 360 degree which helps young birds start well and makes drinking easier.
The drinking nipple provides the maximum amount of water at the slightest touch. The nipple responds at any angle. Even day old chicks, at the most critical stage of growth, can easily activate the nipple.
All the metal parts are hot galvanized for rust prevention.
Provide the right amount of water for the birds.
Every nipple Huntop manufactured undergoes quality testing using specially developed testing systems. The highest quality materials are your promise for optimum performance. 
Main benifits with drinking nipples:
Heavier, healthier birds;
Improved feed conversion;
Reduced mortality;
Fewer condemnations;
Drier floors;Significant labor savings... and overall higher returns!!
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China Huntop is leading China factory manufacturer supplier of Poultry Chicken Nipple Drinker HF1022. Also manufacture supply wide range of garden tools watering irrigation products. Welcome to inquiry and order Poultry fowl chicken nipple drinker.

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