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Water Pressure Regulator HF1071

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Model: HF1071
Poultry drinker nipples Water pressure regulator, Water pressure reducing valves

China factory supplier manufacturer

Poultry drinker nipples Water pressure regulator, Water pressure reducing valves China factory manufacturer supplier
Water Pressure Regulator HF1071 Water Pressure Regulator HF1071 China factory supplier manufacturerClose

Poultry Water Pressure Regulators for drinker nipples

Item No.: HF1071
Desc.: Poultry water pressure regulators, Water pressure reducing valves, water pressure limiting valves
Used to controls water pressure so that drinker nipples function most effectively. Using a simple switch, the function can be set for either the beginning of the line, or in the middle of a long drinker line or for installations in which the slope affects the water pressure. Additional advantages include the benefits of its integral installation so it is compact, integral to the water system and not reliant on a remote controller. It is also very accurate, robust, easy and quick to fit and it is compatible with all drinker systems on the market. 
Water pressure regulators are designed to reduce incoming water pressure to a sensible level to protect plumbing system components and reduce water consumption. Pressure regulators are sometimes referred to as water pressure reducing valves or water pressure limiting valves.

Features for the poultry water pressure regulator:
The world’s most popular pressure regulator.
Attaches to standard 22mm square drinker tube.
Easily adjusts individual line pressure and has an integrated flush mechanism.
Incoming pressure required: minimum 0.3bar – maximum 3.0bar.
High quality plastic and anti-rust stainless steel
High quality PVC tube guarantees a long life span.    
Easy to install, more reliable than the usual connecting method without cracking and leakage.
Seal structure can effectively avoid wasting and humidity.
Nipple can rotate freely 360 dgrees to meet bird water demands of different periods.
Proper height is very important for healthy growth of bird
The height and level of drinking lines can be regulated freely by winch hanging pieces together with the adjusting rope.
Water Level Display Height:  
Chicken Day Age (days)                                     1-7days        8-14days     More than 15 days 
Water Level Height of display Tube (mm)     50-80mm     80-200mm     200-350mm 

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